Thursday, March 6, 2014

You're gonna hate me...

I know I'm going to get blasted for saying this but the pool was almost too warm today. 

Of course we still had fun but, you know, it was really really warm. Like warm bath water. Ok, so do you all hate me now? In two days I'll be begging for that bath water pool. 

Enjoy your day. We are off to lunch at my favorite!

Magic Citrus

You would think that money grew on trees, but to Daredevil, I guess balls growing on trees might be just as exciting. He is loving my parents' fruit trees. They have an orange and grapefruit tree. 

He's the best fruit picker helper ever. 

He yanks the fruit as far as he can - sometimes picking the fruit and sometimes boomeranging it back into the tree. 

Once he gets a fruit, the first task is to smell the magic citrus ball. And by smell, I mean a long, exaggerated whiff of the ball where he leans back while holding the citrus to his nose. 

Then he bites it and get a but of juice from each bite. Sometimes he just kind of chews on the peel. 

Once he's effectively "eaten" most of the ball, he turns it into a toy. See how awesome and magical it is? And it grows on trees! It's free! No matter how many he launches into the street there's always more to pluck off. He loves his unlimited supply. 

This kid is a riot. To say we are enjoying the sun, the warm, the grandparents would be an understatement. We really miss Mr Tech Guy and Twin but it'll be hard to go back to several feet of snow. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alright Alright Alright on Big Sexy

G and I visited Queen Latifah! We got to see Matthew. 

Here's some proof!!!!!! She is so beautiful!!!

It was so much fun and we left with freebies!