Friday, May 24, 2013


Nothing could be more fun than opening the door to the garage at 2:30 in the morning with two bags of trash (don't ask) and discovering that the garage door is wide open and the door to the garage had been unlocked. Oy vey. We NEVER do that. I don't think either or us expected to fall asleep getting Daredevil to sleep. It was that kind of bedtime. Wore us both out! Oh well, it happens. We're safe. The doors have since been locked.


But seriously, we've had a really fun, chill week with our visitor, Auntie M. She was sick her entire stay...cold/allergies/sinus infection/laryngitis... no fun there. But she was a trooper. She was always up for whatever. We've traveled/vacationed together so much that it's cool to do your own thing. I love that about her. She's helpful but not in an overbearing way, she's witty in a breath of fresh air kind of way, she's in love with my dogs which is always a plus and we all just generally like having her around. She's been friends with all of us for ages.

I'm so glad she values our friendship and our time together to drive 12 hours by herself roundtrip and takes a week off work to just hang out with us -- no agenda, no goals, just us. Such a gift. Her presence is really going to be missed... but we get another week with her in November! That is really just around the corner! :)

Thank you, Auntie M, for being such a dear friend for life, through everything, despite the distance.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yard Art Tutorial

I can't claim that this is my tutorial. My MIL showed me how to put these together and I think a friend of hers showed her. G: If you know who should get credit, let me know. 

While Auntie M was visiting, I showed her how to make a yard art flower for her yard. By showing her, I documented steps to show you.

First I dragged her to some thrift stores to find the perfect color pieces for her yard. She picked various shades of blue and green for her flower. Here is Skeptical Sally.

Then we gathered all our supplies. Plates, silicone glue, hockey puck...

Once you have your hockey puck, drill it with a drill bit to fit the size of your cut off shepard hook. You want it to fit snuggly.

I always stick a straw into the hole in the puck so that we know how to position to plates.

Then you start glueing... bottom up.

Once it is all glued, let the glue set overnight to get a proper seal.

Once it's dry, stick in the shepard hook and display in your yard. Enjoy!

And some cute shots of our supervisors...

Now, go and make your own! You know you want to.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eeny, Meany, Miny, Mo

What should I post? What do you want to know about... or know how to do?

How about just some cute pictures of everyday life with our little Daredevil?

Be still my beating heart. He is just so absolutely precious. It's too much.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Do you have routines? I'm trying to keep up my daily morning and evening routines going despite Owen's monthly changes and our ever-changing schedules.

Our Morning Chore Routine:
Make bed(s)
Start Laundry
Unload dishwasher
Swish and swipe master bathroom
Spray shower with cleaner
Windex living room

Our Nighttime Chore Routine:
Load and start dishwasher
Empty trash
Pick up all toys
Straighten up
Put up laundry
Water plants (unless it's raining)
Wipe down kitchen table, kitchen counters and dining table

That's the gist of what I aim to do each day, every day. I need to fit in swiffering the living room and kitchen every night but I'm always afraid it'll wake Daredevil. Maybe I should try it and see. Hmm, I'll try that tomorrow. Hah.

Once a week I make sure the basics are done thoroughly - dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.

In addition to this I change sheets on Wednesday and Sunday. I wash the dog blankets on Sundays. Wednesday is the day I do whatever I've been avoiding or procrastinating. Thursday is typically errand day.

I really flow with this schedule. I don't ever feel like I have too much on my plate to do. I don't feel like chores take out much of our family time when Mr Tech Guy is home. And, if a crisis pops up, I have time to handle it (broken vacuum, anyone?). Lately, it's allowed our focus to be outside since we don't have piles of laundry to do, dirty bathrooms to clean or filthy floors to mop. So far it's working for us. Hopefully I keep it up. It seems like the only time I really get off target is when we travel, even if we're only gone for a weekend. When we get back, everything is in disarray and it takes me days to get my groove back. Luckily, we aren't traveling for awhile.

How do you keep your home afloat? Anything I need to add to my daily list?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Garden is Open, The Garden is Open!!!!

In case you couldn't figure it out by the title - the garden is open! I couldn't wait to get out there and get things going. Here's my planted plot for this season.

Tomatoes, peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini, romaine, kale, beans, and that might be it. Mr Tech Guy and Auntie M got it mostly planted. Daredevil sat in his car for a bit before running around the garden. It was a gorgeous evening to be out in the country and playing in the dirt.

Some new lillies back at the house. I planted them awhile ago, but here's a new picture.

Daredevil read up on organic gardening after we got back from the garden for his next trip out. No post is complete without a picture of him. Sorry, but it isn't. :)

The new way we transport flowers, mulch, soil, etc around the house. Daredevil's wagons. Who knew they'd be so helpful! I was moving things about while Mr Tech Guy and Auntie M did the major work and Twin managed.

Mr Tech Guy and Auntie M also worked through the day to get this all finished. She has been such a huge help. I love the way it turned out. Simple but clean and a huge improvement from the dead dandelions that were there before.

I really can't believe how far along we've come with the landscaping. The south side of the house is now done, as is the front. The north side is done until we decide what we're doing with concrete for the driveway and a walkway to the backyard. The backyard is getting worked on next week... a new patio, a racetrack, two trees removed, etc. I'm hoping we can get it all done in a week. All in all, I think we're doing well.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't Forget

Here are the things that I don't ever want to forget about my Daredevil at this age. This post is more for me, but moms out there, you may relate to some of these!

That whenever you can't find me, the first place you go and look is in the bathroom. I must spend too much time in there.

That whenever you eat an Oreo, you have to pull it apart and eat the icing. You throw the other half.

The way you fit perfectly into my arms with your head under my chin when we spoon cuddle.

That you smile, giggle and sign "yay" whenever I come home from being gone.

The way you innocently smile and say "I did it" whenever you do something naughty! It is so cute, it's hard to keep a straight face.

That you love playing with your fur-brother's paws. You constantly try to stick your fingers in between the pads on their feet.

The way you try to sneak off to your Gammy or Nene when I make you mad or tell you no. Once when trying to get you down for a nap, you snuck off the bed and started saying "Nane Nane Nane" as you ran out to find your Nene in the living room.

When you bring me your shoes or my shoes to indicate that you're ready to go outside.

When you bang on the garage door when you're ready to go somewhere. You get stir crazy just like your mom and dad.

Daddy loves bathtime and how you always hug him after he washes your hair!

Daddy loves when you stand in the bay window at laugh and wave when he comes home from work at lunch and after work.

The way you are so independent but whenever you get scared, you still instantly want me.

That you scream and cry and throw a full on tantrum when we have to come inside from playing outside.

That you yank your hand away or bite my hand off when I make you hold my hand to do important things... like cross the street.

That you still snuggle with me.

That when I push you around in your trike or car, you just cruise around in it like you own the block.

When you play fetch with Benton and you crack up whenever he chases after the ball you've thrown.

I'm sure there are a billion more, but that's my list for tonight. 15 months is so fun. He has started saying so many new words in the past few weeks, he's so expressive and he really shows you what he wants.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cutting the Curls

Please don't celebrate or panic in seeing the title of this post. I have yet to cut the curls.


These beautiful, soft, angelic I love thee, let me count the ways. Seriously, I love his crazy and wild mane.

I didn't know why I was hesitant to cut his hair until we saw the Urgent Care doctor the other day. He said that they only look like babies once and once you cut their hair, they look like little boys. Amen, Doctor, amen!

That was it, my baby will look that much more like a little boy and I want him to stay a baby. I cherish each stage he's in and I'm not pushing him to grow up.

I'll eventually cut his hair, but I'm not pushing myself either.

For now, I'll just embrace the craziness of his curls.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Sickies

The sickies have invaded my house again.

Two new molars + pink eye + ear infection = no fun + no sleep

I sure hope this week is better than last week. I need sleep and I need to get out of this house. I'm hoping to get out of quarantine soon. Darn pink eye. Daredevil is finally getting as stir crazy as me.

I just want him to feel better. ASAP. He's been so miserable. Still a cheery little guy, but a lot more mellow and clingy.

However, we've gotten some projects going while we sit at home. I keep dreaming up new ones so I figured I better get going on some that I already have supplies and plans for.

Father's Day surprise in progress. Hopefully none of the guys read the blog.

Some yard art for my garden and the front yard. They're all glued and ready for me to glue on the hockey puck tomorrow.

One last thing. What do you think of this? I got it because I liked how it resembled a chalkboard sign but now I'm thinking we should take it back. Thoughts? Input?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrating Momma

Mr Tech Guy can't keep secrets or surprises under wraps so as soon as he'd buy a gift, he'd sneak it to me.

Like this...

All week long.

Nail polish, professional grade cuticle trimmers, two bouquets of flowers, The Honest Toddler Book... Daredevil even had Nene go shopping for him!

and this.

A new Coach purse.

On Mother's Day all that was left were cards :) It was so funny. And Daredevil's beautiful artwork for me!

We were planning a get-away to Door County but I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday morning and promptly told Mr Tech Guy we shouldn't go. So we didn't, and boy I'm so glad we didn't. Daredevil is sick and we haven't slept in a long time. Ear infections and pink eye. So on Mother's Day I was up all night with the little guy and we ended the day in Urgent Care. :(

We did manage to have a fun and productive weekend.

Children's Museum - sorry these are blurry, Daredevil can't keep still there

Farmer's Market - Daredevil got a dino cookie and Mr Tech Guy got popcorn

Helping Momma cook and clean


I am beyond blessed. I feel so cherished and so celebrated. I hope all moms felt that way.