Friday, May 24, 2013


Nothing could be more fun than opening the door to the garage at 2:30 in the morning with two bags of trash (don't ask) and discovering that the garage door is wide open and the door to the garage had been unlocked. Oy vey. We NEVER do that. I don't think either or us expected to fall asleep getting Daredevil to sleep. It was that kind of bedtime. Wore us both out! Oh well, it happens. We're safe. The doors have since been locked.


But seriously, we've had a really fun, chill week with our visitor, Auntie M. She was sick her entire stay...cold/allergies/sinus infection/laryngitis... no fun there. But she was a trooper. She was always up for whatever. We've traveled/vacationed together so much that it's cool to do your own thing. I love that about her. She's helpful but not in an overbearing way, she's witty in a breath of fresh air kind of way, she's in love with my dogs which is always a plus and we all just generally like having her around. She's been friends with all of us for ages.

I'm so glad she values our friendship and our time together to drive 12 hours by herself roundtrip and takes a week off work to just hang out with us -- no agenda, no goals, just us. Such a gift. Her presence is really going to be missed... but we get another week with her in November! That is really just around the corner! :)

Thank you, Auntie M, for being such a dear friend for life, through everything, despite the distance.

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Marianne said...

You are so sweet! Making me feel feelings and stuff ;) love and miss you guys already! And tell J to get the Long-acting Tussin Adult Cough syrup. Works way better at suppressing :)