Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrating Momma

Mr Tech Guy can't keep secrets or surprises under wraps so as soon as he'd buy a gift, he'd sneak it to me.

Like this...

All week long.

Nail polish, professional grade cuticle trimmers, two bouquets of flowers, The Honest Toddler Book... Daredevil even had Nene go shopping for him!

and this.

A new Coach purse.

On Mother's Day all that was left were cards :) It was so funny. And Daredevil's beautiful artwork for me!

We were planning a get-away to Door County but I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday morning and promptly told Mr Tech Guy we shouldn't go. So we didn't, and boy I'm so glad we didn't. Daredevil is sick and we haven't slept in a long time. Ear infections and pink eye. So on Mother's Day I was up all night with the little guy and we ended the day in Urgent Care. :(

We did manage to have a fun and productive weekend.

Children's Museum - sorry these are blurry, Daredevil can't keep still there

Farmer's Market - Daredevil got a dino cookie and Mr Tech Guy got popcorn

Helping Momma cook and clean


I am beyond blessed. I feel so cherished and so celebrated. I hope all moms felt that way.

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