Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it snow!

Well, in checking the forecast this morning, I realized that I wasn't in Indiana anymore. Freezing rain that is expected to end up being about a 1/2 inch think coupled with 7-12 inches of snow overnight could be a wintry mess tomorrow. I actually took de-icer to work with me today!!!! I have the speaker to go to tonight so I hope we can still make it out!!!

Therefore, it's obvious that I'm in Wisconsin, close to the frozen tundra and it's cold and wet and snowy! I still can't believe that it's normal for me to carry de-icer with me.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Hi, hello and how do you do?

Hey ya'll!

Guess what I did last night as I cleaned my house? I watched the Britney: For the Record MTV special 3 X's!!! The first time through I didn't get too much done, go figure! Jared kept coming in and laughing at me for being so entranced in the show. What can I say? I just love her and I hope she's taking care of herself. And a personal peeve... I wish she'd spit out that gum!!!

Anyway, my fish and turtle tanks have all been cleaned, the house is all cleaned and we're all packed up. We just have to load up the car and wear out the boys before we head out. I'm hoping to finish our Christmas cards on the way.... I think I'm down to the final 10 though, so I'm almost done.

Oh... by the way.... yesterday I had a total When Harry Met Sally moment. When the door to the elevator was closing I saw this poster on the bulletin board for a speaker/author that I've read. I got so excited. Anyway, after work I trampled through the snow over to the Box Office and got tickets to see him next Monday, 12/8/08! I can't wait. Jared's going with me. This guy authored, A long way gone, memoirs of a child soldier and it should be incredible to see him in person.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

What should the title be???

Well, I am pleased to announce that we had 4 faces toward the camera when we attempted photos but we decided that it was good enough -- darn Benton! They're still cute, even with Benton looking over his shoulder and Phin's eyes glowing! :) If you get one, you'll see - trust me. I picked the cards up yesterday and I'm hoping for them to be mailed by Monday at the latest. Normally I'm the first out of the gate, but not this year, I've already started receiving cards!!! I need to get in gear! :)

Tomorrow is another long drive to Indiana.... yippee!! Which also means that it will be a long night tonight getting everything all set and ready to go. I've done my best with packing early and getting all the gifts ready but sometimes you just can't do it all ahead. You know how it goes. Plus, I got two shots on Tuesday and I have been so sore and so tired ever since so it's really been a challenge to get going.

Ah, well... you'll have that! So that's what I'll be doing tonight and then tomorrow after work is the drive to Indiana. Get in REALLY late EST, up early for Nick's basketball game Saturday, followed by his birthday party then its the Brown Family Gathering until late in the evening. Sunday means church at our old church (if we can get up that early because of the rowdiness of the night before) and then an "early" birthday party for my sister and my dad!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas Card Photo

Well, it's Round 2 for the Brown Family Christmas photo. Last year we got lucky. We had two great pictures (one in front of each tree, in different outfits) with all 5 faces facing the camera. Tonight is the night we attempt the magic of 2008. All I want are 5 faces facing the camera... anything else will be accepted!!! I'd like to be able to work on the cards on the way to Indiana this weekend, which is why I am in such a hurry to get our beautiful family photo taken today!

Oh, funny story from the drive home last weekend... we ran over a freshly hit/killed skunk and skunk juice (or something worse) got stuck on the bottom of my car so we had to spend some extra time at the car wash on Sunday... at least its gone now. We couldn't park it in the garage when we got it home.

On a brighter note, I got my favorite Italian dish at my favorite Italian restaurant in Verona. It was great!!! Dinner and then leftovers for lunch.

Today's quiet in the office... the student's are out and my supervisor has been in meetings all day. I need to kick it into high gear. Tonight is picture taking, wrapping and packing night!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Lion King, Thanksgiving and the drive home!

What a super-packed weekend involving 4 families, 3 states, 4 dogs, 2 turtles, 1 airport and 5 days!

Here's the run-down...
Tuesday - I drove to Indiana, unloaded and went to sleep
Wednesday - I lunched with Beth, picked up the parents at the airport, Jared drove to Indiana, picked-up Courtney's present and ate dinner with my dad
Thursday - Had Thanksgiving Dinner with Jared's family in Marshall, IL and shared some family bonding over Christmas decorations
Friday - Black Friday shopping started at 4 a.m., The Lion King musical at 2 p.m., then we ate dinner in Broad Ripple (cheese sticks from Marco's and frittes from Brugge)
Saturday - Thanksgiving Dinner and Party with my family in Kokomo, IN, time-out to see my aunt from my dad's side of the family and then we decided to drive back to WI late on Saturday instead of waiting until Sunday

It was a great weekend, long, but good. My parents had a great flight in and the airport is now nice and clean. I still have chills from the Lion King. And, coming home late Saturday gave me Sunday to put my house back together, get groceries, take a long nap and to go see Four Christmases. Sunday was a nice, lazy day!

Too bad we have another trip to Indiana this weekend! On this weekend's agenda we have Nicholas's basketball game and birthday party, the Brown Family Christmas Gathering and an "early" birthday party for my dad and sister since they'll both be in Arizona over their birthdays.