Thursday, May 28, 2015

TPLO - 4 Weeks Post-Op

4 weeks post-op as of yesterday! We still have 8 weeks of limited activity and restrictions, but Phin is doing so well! He rocked his therapy today. I think he was showing off for Dr D today. That or he was just willing to do anything for the new salmon treats she brought over.

He is going on 2-4 20 minute hilly walks per day, stair stands, 3-legged stands, sit to stands, stretches and lazer treatments once a week with Dr D. She also does PT with him, too. Here he is on the wobble board with her! He's so much more sure of himself and trusting of his leg.

And, yes, my boy dog rocks a gorgeous hot pink collar and leash.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Curb Appeal

Our exterior has always needed some sprucing. It seems that year by year, we get to a bit of it. One year roofing and gutters, one year landscaping on the sides of the house, one year the new deck on the back, etc. This year, we will be finishing it up. Finally getting the exterior up to par completely.

Last fall, our driveway was re-done and this spring, we fixed up the turf that got messed up. This summer/fall, we'll be re-painting.

Hopefully by next spring, we'll just have to pull out our patio furniture and wash our windows and the house will look great. Hopefully!

For our new paint job, we know we want gray with white trim and a big contrast door. Think bright yellow, mint green, red, etc. I'm thinking I may just paint my front door every season for awhile. Mr Tech Guy does not like this idea. We'll see, right?

But, gray. Gray means a lot of things and we are having a hard time nailing down what type of gray we want. I'm thinking a charcoal/blue gray, a sage/green gray, a taupe/tan gray or a true/light gray. See our dilemma? Here's my pinterest board... full of all of my indecision.

What are you opinions on the matter? I'm hoping to narrow it down to a few great shades and paint a little section of our house to make the final decision. Any favorites out there?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Grandparents are the very best. When I had my wisdom teeth removal surgery, my MIL came to help us and I cried when she left because it was just so nice having someone take care of all of us why I felt so bad.

This time around my parents are here to take care of us - or at least all my guys while I get some me time. Not only do they come to love on us, they come to work.

My mom is The Laundry Fairy and The Bacon Baker. She is an awesome cook and has a knack for keeping the laundry running constantly. I came into the kitchen when she was making bacon today and she had my apron on like a bib. Too funny. Seriously.

And, about that loving on us... look how Daredevil is running to her outstretched arms at preschool pick-up. Seriously? Precious.

My dad loves to nap and watch golf but, by golly, he's also pretty handy. He's touched up some areas on my stairs that Ben scratched up and he helped Daredevil and I make a super fun project for his end of the year school potluck.

I'm leaving my guys in very capable hands but boy I'm so nervous and anxious to leave.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer O' Fun Bucket List

Memorial Day is our official kick-off to summer! We have been working on our summer bucket list around here. I find that if I have it all written down, I actually accomplish more. I think I've set some pretty lofty goals here for this summer, but, regardless, we should have a lot of fun!

Knox Visit
Indianapolis Visit
Naperville Visit: City Pool, Riverwalk and Lincoln Park Zoo
Louisville Zoo
Peoria Family Reunion
Splash Pad(s)!
Sonic Drink Date
Chicago weekend: Shedd Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo
Wisconsin Dells: Animal Park, Riverside Railroad and Pizza Ranch
Milwaukee zoo
Troll Beach
Little Amerikka
Homemade Smores
Day Out with Thomas
Dane County Fair
DreamPark Playdates
Zoo School
Beth Moore Conference
Omaha Ballon Fest
backyard movie
Backyard Cookout
Beach Day
Rockford Air Fest
Big Rig Gig/Trucks and Treasures
St Louis Zoo/Arch
Concert on the Square
Breakfast on the Farm
Cows on the Concourse
Art Fair on the Square
Dane County Farmer's Market
Mad City Bazaar
Henry Vilas Zoo Membership Appreciation Night
Madison Children's Museum
Door County
Cranberry Bog Tour
Berry Picking
Homemade Ice Cream
Giant Bubbles
Middleton Pool
Verona Goodman Aquatic Center Pool and Noah's Ark Play Area
Sprinklers and Popcicles Playdate
Wausau: The Big Glow
Crystal Lake Camping Trip, Menaqua, WI
Apostle Island/Madeline Island

What did we miss? Anything you see that we are definitely missing?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Driver's Ed

Bubby Nick has his permit. I couldn't wait to ride with him. He's actually a pretty good driver. Really relaxed and confident. 

Anyway...We went to see a late showing of Pitch Perfect 2 last night. After, I think my sister was slap happy. Nick was asking me something about yellow flashing lights and we were talking when my sister starts laughing and I mean can't talk, pee your pants laughing. We were baffled. 

This is all I can offer up as an explanation. 

Craft Projects

Phin's surgery and recovery, as well as my own recovery from my wisdom teeth removal has really put a drain on us for the last month. I feel like I've had a short fuse and been in survival mode for most of this month. I finally decided to get back to working out, eating right and creating. I'd just finished the Whole 30 before my surgery and then I could only eat ice cream and yogurt for nearly 3 weeks so, yea, about that whole 30...

I've felt so crummy I haven't been doing anything for me so I decided to take some advice from my Camp Create sisters and just start making. So this week, we've been doing a lot of making around here.

End of the year gifts for teachers and friends.

New wall art with Daredevil art and mommas creativity.

Farewell gift for one special guy.

Creating just makes me feel better, even if it is Bible journaling for 5 minutes or sewing for an hour.  I've been working hard this week to do eat better, remember to move, and to remember to make. You gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


*** Gnarly picture ahead ***

My Phin tore his cruciate ligament (ACL) a few months ago. We thought it was a very partial tear so we started with pain management and rest. When it didn't help, we started lazer therapy. After a month, or 8 treatments, he was using it more and more but he was still hobbling around, clearly in pain.

We had the surgery consult and after much deliberation with multiple doctors and surgeons, we decided to go forward with the surgery.

The TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) was done on a Wednesday. Boy-oh-boy, you think you're prepared for something and as soon as he came home it was apparent that I was ill-prepared. 

During the surgery, the broke the bone, removed the torn ligament (Phin's was torn over 50%) and screwed the bones back together with a metal plate and several screws. When he got home, he was miserable. Even on the pain medication, he just cried and cried. His leg was bruised and swollen. If he wasn't sleeping, he was crying. He yelped whenever you touched him. I was nervous to move him, but so sad for him I just didn't know what to do.

I let myself have an awful Thursday. Then on Friday I dusted myself off and while Daredevil was at preschool, I went and bought Phin boredom busters, rugs upon rugs upon rugs for the hardwood flooring and a more comfortable cone. 

Every day, he's gotten better and better. 

 His brothers have sure been quite confused by all this. I'm just so grateful for their health.

We are now three weeks post-op and we've been having PT for a week now. He is up to 3-4 20 minute walks per day and he can go out a few more times daily. We have stretches and therapy we do 2-4 times a day as he will tolerate it, and he even got clearance to jump on the couch or "his" recliner a few times per day. His leg sometimes hurts by the end of the day, especially if his therapist pushes him hard, but otherwise he is doing amazingly well. 

I am so glad with his progress and I'm so glad he'll be pain free soon. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Things I miss

I'm always so excited that Daredevil is learning and growing everyday, but there are still some things I'll miss. I'm sad when some things go.

I remember when we had to say goodbye to EIEIEI. I was sure glad he could actually say EIEIO, but EIEIEI was so sweet.

Recently, we've said goodbye to these sweet things:

Mamy is now Amy.

Baneena is now banana.

Flagingo is now flamingo.

His speech and pronunciation is so improved. His sentence structures are well formed and complete. His number of words per sentence is smack dab in the middle of the normal range (MLU 3.58; normal is 3-3.75 for his age group).

What I find hilarious is that he is so comfortable with ABA that he's started giving Mr Tech Guy and I ABA sessions. He loves taking the boat and submarine when he's in the bath and asking us which one goes under the sea and which one goes on top of the sea. If you get it right, he'll cheer for you. If you get it wrong, he'll tell you the right answer, ask you another question and then repeat the initial question just like during ABA.

O: Momma, which one goes under the sea?
M: The boat.
O: No, the submarine goes under the sea. What's your name?
M: Momma.
O: Touch your nose.
M: (I touch my nose.)
O: Which one goes under the sea?
M: The submarine.
O: Yay!

It is hysterical. I love my boy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crafty Mommas - String Art

Crafty Mommas has still been meeting monthly! If you're interested in our latest craft, check it out here:

It's a super fun, easy craft that just about anyone with nimble fingers can do.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Breaking Hearts

Daredevil is sure good at breaking hearts!

Last night, I was singing in the car and he said, "No, Momma. No that song. I don't want that song."

Then this morning I was trying to get in my morning snuggles and he told me, "No, just pillow."

Sad, sad, sad. Can't I freeze time?

But, I guess since he's cute I'll forgive him!