Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Things I miss

I'm always so excited that Daredevil is learning and growing everyday, but there are still some things I'll miss. I'm sad when some things go.

I remember when we had to say goodbye to EIEIEI. I was sure glad he could actually say EIEIO, but EIEIEI was so sweet.

Recently, we've said goodbye to these sweet things:

Mamy is now Amy.

Baneena is now banana.

Flagingo is now flamingo.

His speech and pronunciation is so improved. His sentence structures are well formed and complete. His number of words per sentence is smack dab in the middle of the normal range (MLU 3.58; normal is 3-3.75 for his age group).

What I find hilarious is that he is so comfortable with ABA that he's started giving Mr Tech Guy and I ABA sessions. He loves taking the boat and submarine when he's in the bath and asking us which one goes under the sea and which one goes on top of the sea. If you get it right, he'll cheer for you. If you get it wrong, he'll tell you the right answer, ask you another question and then repeat the initial question just like during ABA.

O: Momma, which one goes under the sea?
M: The boat.
O: No, the submarine goes under the sea. What's your name?
M: Momma.
O: Touch your nose.
M: (I touch my nose.)
O: Which one goes under the sea?
M: The submarine.
O: Yay!

It is hysterical. I love my boy.

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