Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Curb Appeal

Our exterior has always needed some sprucing. It seems that year by year, we get to a bit of it. One year roofing and gutters, one year landscaping on the sides of the house, one year the new deck on the back, etc. This year, we will be finishing it up. Finally getting the exterior up to par completely.

Last fall, our driveway was re-done and this spring, we fixed up the turf that got messed up. This summer/fall, we'll be re-painting.

Hopefully by next spring, we'll just have to pull out our patio furniture and wash our windows and the house will look great. Hopefully!

For our new paint job, we know we want gray with white trim and a big contrast door. Think bright yellow, mint green, red, etc. I'm thinking I may just paint my front door every season for awhile. Mr Tech Guy does not like this idea. We'll see, right?

But, gray. Gray means a lot of things and we are having a hard time nailing down what type of gray we want. I'm thinking a charcoal/blue gray, a sage/green gray, a taupe/tan gray or a true/light gray. See our dilemma? Here's my pinterest board... full of all of my indecision.

What are you opinions on the matter? I'm hoping to narrow it down to a few great shades and paint a little section of our house to make the final decision. Any favorites out there?

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