Thursday, May 21, 2015


*** Gnarly picture ahead ***

My Phin tore his cruciate ligament (ACL) a few months ago. We thought it was a very partial tear so we started with pain management and rest. When it didn't help, we started lazer therapy. After a month, or 8 treatments, he was using it more and more but he was still hobbling around, clearly in pain.

We had the surgery consult and after much deliberation with multiple doctors and surgeons, we decided to go forward with the surgery.

The TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) was done on a Wednesday. Boy-oh-boy, you think you're prepared for something and as soon as he came home it was apparent that I was ill-prepared. 

During the surgery, the broke the bone, removed the torn ligament (Phin's was torn over 50%) and screwed the bones back together with a metal plate and several screws. When he got home, he was miserable. Even on the pain medication, he just cried and cried. His leg was bruised and swollen. If he wasn't sleeping, he was crying. He yelped whenever you touched him. I was nervous to move him, but so sad for him I just didn't know what to do.

I let myself have an awful Thursday. Then on Friday I dusted myself off and while Daredevil was at preschool, I went and bought Phin boredom busters, rugs upon rugs upon rugs for the hardwood flooring and a more comfortable cone. 

Every day, he's gotten better and better. 

 His brothers have sure been quite confused by all this. I'm just so grateful for their health.

We are now three weeks post-op and we've been having PT for a week now. He is up to 3-4 20 minute walks per day and he can go out a few more times daily. We have stretches and therapy we do 2-4 times a day as he will tolerate it, and he even got clearance to jump on the couch or "his" recliner a few times per day. His leg sometimes hurts by the end of the day, especially if his therapist pushes him hard, but otherwise he is doing amazingly well. 

I am so glad with his progress and I'm so glad he'll be pain free soon. 

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