Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Grandparents are the very best. When I had my wisdom teeth removal surgery, my MIL came to help us and I cried when she left because it was just so nice having someone take care of all of us why I felt so bad.

This time around my parents are here to take care of us - or at least all my guys while I get some me time. Not only do they come to love on us, they come to work.

My mom is The Laundry Fairy and The Bacon Baker. She is an awesome cook and has a knack for keeping the laundry running constantly. I came into the kitchen when she was making bacon today and she had my apron on like a bib. Too funny. Seriously.

And, about that loving on us... look how Daredevil is running to her outstretched arms at preschool pick-up. Seriously? Precious.

My dad loves to nap and watch golf but, by golly, he's also pretty handy. He's touched up some areas on my stairs that Ben scratched up and he helped Daredevil and I make a super fun project for his end of the year school potluck.

I'm leaving my guys in very capable hands but boy I'm so nervous and anxious to leave.

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