Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday was a not so fun, nothing going my way, boring, lazy, failure kind of day. I felt like a failure as a wife, mom, friend, etc. you name it. Daredevil spent too much time inside, or in front of the tv, or eating junk. I didn't seen to actually finish anything. Mr Tech Guy and I got in an argument - out worst in a long long time - because I was dumb. Ok, I'm sure you get it by now. Yesterday wasn't my day. Which meant that I was choosing to have a better day today. I think I ran my boy ragged but a better day we had. 

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I was working. I did my morning routine including showering and getting dressed "to shoes" - thanks, FlyLady. Then I laid out all the snacks and cookie decorating supplies for my board meeting this morning. 

Daredevil woke up and he got snuggles before getting dressed and having breakfast. We had the board meeting which included opening gifts that Bernard had brought us back from the North Pole. 

They were winners. Then we decorated holiday cookies that Daredevil and I made yesterday. 

Daredevil preferred the icing. 

Almost immediately after cleaning up from the party, we left to meet daddy for lunch. Daddy arrived and discovered his friends were there so we got to eat lunch with them as well. Then we played at the library for almost two hours. Daredevil loves it there. Playing, reading, exploring. 

Once he'd run off the sillies, we headed to Trader Joe's for a few things. Then we ran by Old Navy because sweaters were on sale for $10. $130 later we left and headed home via McDs for a large unsweet tea. Once back, we rested a bit and played and read. Then we had leftovers for dinner followed by an early bath. 

I hosted a white elephant gift exchange for MOMS Club and it was a lot of fun. Daredevil and Mr Tech Guy were asleep (yes, at 7, yes, both of them). We had a hilarious time eating, visiting and "stealing" gifts. I love what I got! 

Once my friends left I cleaned up and got busy getting some treats ready for Mr Tech Guy to take to work. Now that the treats are all set I'm heading to bed. 

Today has been a lot better than yesterday. I'm now focusing on our holiday plans!! Busy busy! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spreading Christmas Cheer

We do one thing to spread Christmas cheer each day. It's fun to do the unexpected and typically takes minimal planning. I wrote a list of all the activities we wanted to do and then I've worked them into our schedule as best I can. 

We have passed out lottery tickets to strangers. 

We've paid for the person behind us in the drive thru. 

We've left goodies for our UPS guy and our postman. 

We've donated to the bell ringers!

We've donated food to a food bank, clothes to St Vincent de Paul and money to our church and World Vision. 

We've filled a meter. 

We've given librarians candy canes. 

We've held doors open and let people (and cars) in front of us. 

We have more to do - the season isn't over and there are many more items on our list but we have had fun so far. 

Tomorrow we get to be Samta for our friends! I wonder what Santa brought for us to pass out!

How do you spread cheer? How are you a light for Him to those who may not know Him? Give giving a try, even if it's just a smile. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Haircuts

My three stooges got holiday haircuts. They look so nice and trim. I can't lie, I prefer them a bit shaggy, but they were looking quite a bit shaggy. 

It was quite the experience getting them in and out of the groomers'. I was all twisted up in their leashes because of Oliver and when some old lady tried to help, Ollie plopped down and started screaming. I think she got her feelings hurt because she said, "Well, I was only trying to help." Which left me with no help and no clue how to get to the car. Somehow I got it but I really wish someone would've gotten it recorded. We were quite the sight, I'm sure. 

They look great. Don't you agree? 

They looked so good with their haircuts that Daredevil and I decided to visit Amanda and get our holiday haircuts, too. It was only Daredevil's 2nd haircut and he did ok. He wasn't as good as before. I made the appointment during naptime. :/ But all in all, we managed. Both of us got cuts. 

My shorter, layered hair. 

Daredevil's boy cut. Ugh, the curls, the blonde. He is the cutest. 

Have a happy day!

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas... in that order!

 Holidays. Family. Chaos. Gifts. Food. Laughter. Noise.

We crammed so much into three days. Since this was our Christmas as well as our Thanksgiving, we did all we could to make the short time together count. I think there's some magic when everyone is together. I can't explain it, but it is just magical, a gift.

We decorated holiday ornaments, we opened gifts, we cooked, we baked, we ate,  we shopped, we went to the movies, we looked at lights, we got mani/pedis, we waited in crazy long Black Friday lines, we had a birthday party, we watched the Macy's parade, our elves appeared, we played in the snow, we played "indoor" games but above all we just enjoyed being together.

 I just have to say that at some point, everyone was out but me and these guys. We somehow got into the best, craziest, loudest game of hide and seek EVER. It was just wonderful. We were all laughing so hard and having so much fun. AJ kept telling on himself and then helping find Sissy. Daredevil could be heard cracking up from his hiding place and Nick tended to hide in plain sight which was hilarious when Sissy would walk right by him!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


My nephew is fourteen. How did that happen? I remember when my sister went into labor and we all piled into the car and raced to Indianapolis. It doesn't seem like fourteen years ago, but I can't remember life without him either. Funny how that is.

I didn't get to be with him on his actual birthday but that didn't stop me from celebrating when he was up here for our Thanksgiving/Christmas weekend.

My sweet little nephew has grown into such a handsome, kind, loving, smart, funny and all around one-of-a-kind guy.

I hope he always knows just how much he is loved and how many people would go to bat for him. He's such a special kid.

Happy (belated) birthday, bub.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

-17 and snowing and blowing

Seriously? -17? 

It is frigid. Frigid! Frigid! Plus, I think our heater is broken - breaking? And our air vent in the master bath is leaking frozen water. Brrrrrr. It's too cold for Daredevil to even play in the snow. We tried it yesterday and it took longer to get him in "gear" than he ended up wanting to be outside. And yesterday the temperatures were positive! 

Is it too soon to say how desperately I'm missing this view? 

I found myself looking up books on how to retire to Costa Rica. Oy! 

On this note we are heading to breakfast and to Olbrich for their holiday train exhibit. 

Elf on the Shelf

ODo you have an elf on the shelf? This is the first year Santa sent us one. He is a lot of fun. We never know what kind of predicament we will find him in each morning but he doesn't disappoint. Our elf looks a little different than most families - maybe we got a special elf? I will never know but we are having a lot of fun with our Bernard. Daredevil really likes it when Bernard brings him back treats in the morning. 

Here are some of what he's been up to around here! 

I can only imagine what he will dream up the rest of the month!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Off target

I ask daredevil to bring me his shoes. 

He brings me his slippers. 

I say no - you're shoes for outside. 

He shakes his head no and hands me his slippers. 

I go get him his shoes. 

He looks at his shoes, throws them on the floor, picks up his slippers and does his best at getting them on himself. 

I guess someone didn't want to leave. 

He was asleep less than five minutes later. 

We definitely missed his music class - again. 

But we are slowly getting better and we are slowly getting back in our routine. 

The house is presentable. We are eating home cooked meals, gifts are wrapped, holiday activities are getting done, we've been out in the snow, etc. It feels good. 

Daredevil has super wide/big feet. Winter boots for him always end up being Kamik boots which are normally $45-$65. We found the pair we needed and it was somehow on sale for $20. Then we got another 20% off making them $16! What?!? Crazy. Last year we totally paid $63 for his boots he maybe wore 3 times. 

I'm sorry this is so random. I'm so random right now. My brain is all over the place. I need to reign it in so I can sleep! I just keep thinking about all these new babies and showers and holidays and and and and.....

Oh and another funny... Daredevil loves candy canes. I bought the mini sized ones. He eats about 3/day.