Monday, December 9, 2013

Off target

I ask daredevil to bring me his shoes. 

He brings me his slippers. 

I say no - you're shoes for outside. 

He shakes his head no and hands me his slippers. 

I go get him his shoes. 

He looks at his shoes, throws them on the floor, picks up his slippers and does his best at getting them on himself. 

I guess someone didn't want to leave. 

He was asleep less than five minutes later. 

We definitely missed his music class - again. 

But we are slowly getting better and we are slowly getting back in our routine. 

The house is presentable. We are eating home cooked meals, gifts are wrapped, holiday activities are getting done, we've been out in the snow, etc. It feels good. 

Daredevil has super wide/big feet. Winter boots for him always end up being Kamik boots which are normally $45-$65. We found the pair we needed and it was somehow on sale for $20. Then we got another 20% off making them $16! What?!? Crazy. Last year we totally paid $63 for his boots he maybe wore 3 times. 

I'm sorry this is so random. I'm so random right now. My brain is all over the place. I need to reign it in so I can sleep! I just keep thinking about all these new babies and showers and holidays and and and and.....

Oh and another funny... Daredevil loves candy canes. I bought the mini sized ones. He eats about 3/day. 

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