Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This was supposed to post on 12/20... Whoops! 

What are your holiday traditions? Do you have small daily traditions or just ones on the actual holidays?

We are still building our traditions. Right now we do four things daily between thanksgiving and Christmas. I know, four is kind of a lot but hear me out 

1. Daredevil gets chocolate bites from his daily advent. 

2. Our elf gets himself into new trouble. 

3. We do our good deed for the day to share His love and light with others. 

4. We do a holiday inspired family activity. 

It takes a bit of planning up front to organize everything but once you have your game plan and supplies, things tend to go off without a hitch. 

For instance, today, Daredevil had his bite of chocolate during our afternoon snack. We ate our way through our gingerbread house making. We sent all the goodies to Mr Tech Guy's office. And, Bernard moved to way up high on our china cabinet in the dining room. In future years it all may get combined. Time will tell. This year we're having a good time with it all. 

I hope Daredevil values family traditions. I know I loved traditions growing up and I hope we build strong traditions and memories, too. 

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