Monday, December 2, 2013

Real life.


I'm sick. 

My sister's car keep breaking down - so she's kind of stuck in Wisconsin. 

Daredevil peed through his sheets. His freshly changed sheets. 

Ollie threw up on the floor. 

I can't find our tree skirt, stocking holders or tree topper. Of all my decorations, I can't find the important stuff. 

I gained 6 lbs on vacation. 

Daredevil can't stand coats/hats/mittens and I can barely get him to keep clothes on. 


My incredible sister not only cooked me dinner and washed dozens of loads of laundry, she dusted and vacuumed my upstairs living spaces while I unpacked. 

My brother brought dinner home for the rest of the family. 

My husband gave Daredevil his nighttime bath and spent a lot of time helping Bernard hang up lights in Daredevil's room. He made sure they were perfect. 

My husband is back at work after a month off and I have the luxury of being at home because he provides for our family. 

It may have not been the easiest transition back but all-in-all I think we've managed ok. Not only did we have guests a few hours after getting home, but we also had to cook, clean, unpack, finish Christmas gifts (sorting/wrapping) and just get everything put in its place. 

One day at a time. Slowly but surely. Life is good. I am blessed. 

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