Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thrifty Treasure

Thrift stores are great if you're willing to hunt! I found a toddler girl American Apparel shawl coat in tan with the tags still on in mint condition. Score! It'll be perfect for my niece-in-law. It'll fit her next year, too. 

It was too good to pass up. 

What treasures have you found lately? To be honest, I haven't been to a thrift store in a long time but I snuck out while getting some medicine for Daredevil! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Holiday Countdown Recap

This post is mainly for myself. I'm hoping to remember the activities we did throughout the holiday season. I've listed our advent activities, our Christ Countdown activities and the stunts our elf pulled! 

Christmas lights
Ice skating
Build a snowman
Bake Christmas cookies 
Make a gingerbread house 
Watch holiday movie/movie night 
Christmas caroling
Visit Santa
Hot cocoa
Read holiday books
Write letter to Santa
Make bird feeder
Make reindeer food 
Make snow globe
Cut snowflakes
Make Christmas wish for tree 
Wrap gifts 
Christmas cards 
Snow angel 
Live nativity
Collect pine comes
Put up Mistletoe 
Make up family Christmas story 
Salt dough or cinnamon ornent
Bake special family tradition recipe
Holiday picnic by the tree
Holiday dinner by Candelight - dress up! 
Make garland - paper or popcorn
Snowball fight
Sit on the deck under the stars 

Christ-mas Countdown
Pay for people behind me in line done
Leave treats for ups guy done
Leave treats for mailman done
Take treats to Jared's office done
Money to bell ringers
Food to pantry done
Be "Santa" to a friend
Family gift to world vision 
Hand out lottery tickets - have a lucky day 
Soldier care package
Volunteer at nursing home
Visit with marge 
Card/treats to fire station/police station 
Owen $20 to donate/give as he prefers 
Pass out candy canes to librarians, ppl working at check outs/stores 
Fill a meter
Hold a door
Let ppl in front 
Offer to babysit
Call a friend/relative you haven't spoken w in a while 
give neighbors treats
do something to make J's life easier
leave a surprise note 

Elf Antics
Crepe paper doorway
Message w m&ms 
Put up Owen tree
Tp Christmas tree
Tangled up in bedroom lights 
Bringing toys 
In train of cars all over floor 
With remote/watching tv
Fishing for goldfish
Building w marshmallows 
In dog food/treats
Snow angel
Party w Owen toys
Bubble bath in os sink
Insidem&m bag
In fridge
Zip lining 
Cookies, please? 
Underpants instead of stockings
Hiding inside toybox, peeking out 
worships Jesus from Little People nativity set 
reads bible in Luke 
reads toy catalog with marker
drinking from mcd cup and straw 
turn milk red or green 
Christmas Eve- bye letter & gift 

My 2 year old.

Happy birthday my sweet daredevil! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's almost here!

Daredevil is almost two!!! I can hardly believe it. 

We celebrated his birthday with some out of town family last weekend and while he lived the cake, the gifts and the people, he wasn't so sure about the singing. 

His party with his friends is tomorrow and I can hardly wait. His dad spent 2 hrs and 45 minutes putting together his birthday present (so he'd better like it)! :) 

Here's a quick peek!

And the big gift from us...

And next week we will be taking in goodie bags for his classmates! How cute did these turn out?

Inside are snacks, playdough, matchbox car, temporary tattoos, etc. 

I'll keep you posted with super fun pictures along the way! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Party Season has Begun!

It's party time! I kicked off party season with Baby Shower #1 for my brother and sister-in-law! I was only in charge of the games, but I'll show you all of it!

Yummy treats and a cute handmade centerpiece! 

Games, games, games..

It was a co-ed family shower but it was a lot of fun. We played complete daddy's phrase, the price is right, madlibs and a few A-Z games (baby names and products). 

The parents-to-be got a lot of nice things to help them start this next chapter!!


14+ hours in the car in a 3-day period makes for one cranky and exhausted kiddo. I'm exhausted, too. Mr Tech Guy has some aches and pains from driving with minimal stops. The dogs are attention hounds from missing us (even though we have the best Dogsitter).

Here's a sample of what we do just to leave the house. I also put post-its where we keep their food/water/etc. 

Our car looks like we've packed for a month when we've only packed for TWO nights. And the sad part is, we really weren't overpacked. We used most of what we brought. 

We make the most of our pit stops. It's more fun when it's warmer, but we make do. 

Hotels are fun, especially when Twin gets a giant bath tub in the living room. 

I even carved out some momma time. 

The next morning, we were up and attem to head to our destination. 

Packing, loading, 3 more hours of driving, unloading, unpacking.... There! For about 18 hours before doing it all over again! 

The ride home wasn't our best roadtrip. Daredevil and I were exhausted. I spilt milk all over my pants and Daredevil spilt milk all down his shirt. I was cranky. Daredevil was sick (of driving) and tired. He kept taking my hand and wanting me to unbuckle him. :( I already warned him that we wouldn't be doing too much tomorrow. Twin and Mr Tech Guy have to work but we don't plan on going anywhere. 

It was worth the time, money and frustration to see everyone but I'm sure glad I don't have to repeat that for a long while. More pictures from the weekend coming soon! 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Group Texts

For you iPhone users, do you love or hate group texts? I use them ALL the time! I love when convos get going and everyone is adding in their two cents. Mr Tech Guy; however, does not enjoy them.  He will ask to unsubscribe. 

I saw a photo on FB yesterday and it really made me think of some of those group texts, you know, without the animal humor. 

Our convos go every which way with people chiming in and back and forth and round and round. 

And for the record, my mom is totally the giraffe. Just reads, rarely adds anything, until the very end of the convo. 

One time, last summer, my sister, my mom and I were on a group text in the middle of the night. My sister and I texted back constantly for nearly an hour - never hearing a peep from my mom. Finally as my sister and I said our goodbyes did my mom add, ok goodnight love you. We were both like, what?? Come again??? You were awake this whole time? We asked why she never said anything. She said we had it all covered so she didn't have anything else to add or other questions. Plus, we typed much faster than her. Haha! She's that giraffe alright. Especially when we get going in the morning, which is like the middle of the night for her. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Daredevil started preschool. 

Wow, daredevil started preschool. How did that happen? When did he get old enough for that? He goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few hours in the morning. So far, since he's not quite 2, I'm attending with him. He will start on his own in a few weeks. 

He is really enjoying it so far! He's not a fan of the new rules (sitting while everyone finishes snack, waiting in line to wash his hands, etc) but he'll get there!

I'm loving all these sweet kids and the awesomely funny things they say! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crafty Mommas - January DIY

Crafty Mommas was tonight at my place! Valentine projects were on the docket - totes, cards and garland. It was such a great night and I got a lot done to boot! 

I made 7 garland strands and banners before I even started on the five bags I made. I told you I got a lot done!

Anyway, I found some great pinspiration to get the wheels turning!

I had some canvas bags I picked up for 50 cents each years ago so I thought this would be a great chance to use them up. 

Here's our renditions of the "heart tote."

I think the gold one is my favorite. 

This is a super easy DIY that you could easily whip up at home. I'm giving three away to Daredevil's preschool teachers and I'm keeping one. Not sure about the last one. 

Birthday Party -- Sneak Peek & DIY

My Daredevil is obsessed with anything with wheels. Hence he's having a car-themed birthday party!

I wanted to have something the kids could play with that would be inexpensive and easy to make. I had seem something somewhere so I searched in Pinterest and I wasn't crazy, people had made these before. So I asked my family to start saving toilet paper rolls for me. After about a month of saving, I was ready to make my toilet paper roll cars!

The first and longest part of the process was to paint all of the rolls. Some took two coats, and nearly all of them required some type of touch up.

Once they were painted, we punched out four circles per car out of black posterboard for the tires. I chose the easy route and stapled the tires on.

Once all the tires were stapled on, I punched out four white and one black smaller circle for the inside tire piece and the steering wheel. We mod podged on the wheel well and I hot glued the steering wheel on.

 You then cut out the middle of the car for the wheel and the seat.

Once all the glue is dried, it's time to start decorating.

Viola! 23 toilet paper roll cars done and ready for the party! I have a giant "street" that I'm using as tablerunners so that the kids can play with the cars everywhere!!!