Monday, January 20, 2014


14+ hours in the car in a 3-day period makes for one cranky and exhausted kiddo. I'm exhausted, too. Mr Tech Guy has some aches and pains from driving with minimal stops. The dogs are attention hounds from missing us (even though we have the best Dogsitter).

Here's a sample of what we do just to leave the house. I also put post-its where we keep their food/water/etc. 

Our car looks like we've packed for a month when we've only packed for TWO nights. And the sad part is, we really weren't overpacked. We used most of what we brought. 

We make the most of our pit stops. It's more fun when it's warmer, but we make do. 

Hotels are fun, especially when Twin gets a giant bath tub in the living room. 

I even carved out some momma time. 

The next morning, we were up and attem to head to our destination. 

Packing, loading, 3 more hours of driving, unloading, unpacking.... There! For about 18 hours before doing it all over again! 

The ride home wasn't our best roadtrip. Daredevil and I were exhausted. I spilt milk all over my pants and Daredevil spilt milk all down his shirt. I was cranky. Daredevil was sick (of driving) and tired. He kept taking my hand and wanting me to unbuckle him. :( I already warned him that we wouldn't be doing too much tomorrow. Twin and Mr Tech Guy have to work but we don't plan on going anywhere. 

It was worth the time, money and frustration to see everyone but I'm sure glad I don't have to repeat that for a long while. More pictures from the weekend coming soon! 

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