Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Birthday Party -- Sneak Peek & DIY

My Daredevil is obsessed with anything with wheels. Hence he's having a car-themed birthday party!

I wanted to have something the kids could play with that would be inexpensive and easy to make. I had seem something somewhere so I searched in Pinterest and I wasn't crazy, people had made these before. So I asked my family to start saving toilet paper rolls for me. After about a month of saving, I was ready to make my toilet paper roll cars!

The first and longest part of the process was to paint all of the rolls. Some took two coats, and nearly all of them required some type of touch up.

Once they were painted, we punched out four circles per car out of black posterboard for the tires. I chose the easy route and stapled the tires on.

Once all the tires were stapled on, I punched out four white and one black smaller circle for the inside tire piece and the steering wheel. We mod podged on the wheel well and I hot glued the steering wheel on.

 You then cut out the middle of the car for the wheel and the seat.

Once all the glue is dried, it's time to start decorating.

Viola! 23 toilet paper roll cars done and ready for the party! I have a giant "street" that I'm using as tablerunners so that the kids can play with the cars everywhere!!!

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