Sunday, January 26, 2014

Holiday Countdown Recap

This post is mainly for myself. I'm hoping to remember the activities we did throughout the holiday season. I've listed our advent activities, our Christ Countdown activities and the stunts our elf pulled! 

Christmas lights
Ice skating
Build a snowman
Bake Christmas cookies 
Make a gingerbread house 
Watch holiday movie/movie night 
Christmas caroling
Visit Santa
Hot cocoa
Read holiday books
Write letter to Santa
Make bird feeder
Make reindeer food 
Make snow globe
Cut snowflakes
Make Christmas wish for tree 
Wrap gifts 
Christmas cards 
Snow angel 
Live nativity
Collect pine comes
Put up Mistletoe 
Make up family Christmas story 
Salt dough or cinnamon ornent
Bake special family tradition recipe
Holiday picnic by the tree
Holiday dinner by Candelight - dress up! 
Make garland - paper or popcorn
Snowball fight
Sit on the deck under the stars 

Christ-mas Countdown
Pay for people behind me in line done
Leave treats for ups guy done
Leave treats for mailman done
Take treats to Jared's office done
Money to bell ringers
Food to pantry done
Be "Santa" to a friend
Family gift to world vision 
Hand out lottery tickets - have a lucky day 
Soldier care package
Volunteer at nursing home
Visit with marge 
Card/treats to fire station/police station 
Owen $20 to donate/give as he prefers 
Pass out candy canes to librarians, ppl working at check outs/stores 
Fill a meter
Hold a door
Let ppl in front 
Offer to babysit
Call a friend/relative you haven't spoken w in a while 
give neighbors treats
do something to make J's life easier
leave a surprise note 

Elf Antics
Crepe paper doorway
Message w m&ms 
Put up Owen tree
Tp Christmas tree
Tangled up in bedroom lights 
Bringing toys 
In train of cars all over floor 
With remote/watching tv
Fishing for goldfish
Building w marshmallows 
In dog food/treats
Snow angel
Party w Owen toys
Bubble bath in os sink
Insidem&m bag
In fridge
Zip lining 
Cookies, please? 
Underpants instead of stockings
Hiding inside toybox, peeking out 
worships Jesus from Little People nativity set 
reads bible in Luke 
reads toy catalog with marker
drinking from mcd cup and straw 
turn milk red or green 
Christmas Eve- bye letter & gift 

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