Friday, February 28, 2014

Cooking and Baking

You hungry? You might be after this.... Fair warning!

Yum yum yum yum. Arizona is fun. Look at my rhyming skills. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crafty Pants

I'm jetting out of the tundra soon so I've been trying tie up some loose ends. There are too many, I'm afraid. So many that some won't get done in time but I'm getting there! A lot of what I had/have to do is craft and sew. So... Here's a glimpse at some of my crafting tonight. 

I hate working with burlap, by the way. I always forget that because it's so darn great to use. But it's itchy, stinky, stiff, etc. 

Oh, and Austenland is at Redbox. So is Ender's Game. You're welcome! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

My cousin had her baby last night. Sweetest dude ever! Meet Olin!

February Crafty Mommas

This month, we made infinity scarves for our crafty mommas night. It was a really relaxed and chill evening. Some nights its bustling, loud and busy but last night it was very calm. It was definitely a change and while I love the loud, the calm was a nice change. 6 of us made scarves, someone made a Valentine's Day banner and someone added to a quilt she's knitting. It was nice. Really nice.

Daredevil was miserable and kept crashing our party. At least everyone thought he was cute. It just demonstrated how icky he felt. He normally keeps with daddy during the nights when we're here. Praying he feels better today. He has to miss his Valentine's Day Party at school. :(

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toddler Tornado

Everyone needs their own toddler tornado, even for an hour. Mine's still sick - so sick we've been to urgent care and we already know he can't go to his preschool Valentine's Day party tomorrow. :( No judging that little red box. Today I'm celebrating him putting any food in his mouth and keeping it there. 

My friend's toddler tornado colored her a beautiful picture... All over her brand new cream sofa. Ah, the joys. 

Cutie Pants

Daredevil is loving all his Valentine's Day mail! Candy canes from Aunt Steph, a funny monkey card from Papaw and Nana, a coloring book from Grandpaw and Nene! 

Here he is enjoying some of his gifts! 

I think he's the cutest!! Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I love having garland for holidays. I feel like they make it so festive. 

I'm all about being frugal, too, so I'm going to show you my insta-garland I make for holidays. 

I either punch out circles or hearts out of card stock or I buy some precut shapes from the dollar store. For my example, I bought some precut shamrocks. It was 12 for $1. 

I zipped them through my sewing machine. 

One minute and viola. 

The result. All ready for St Patricks Day. 

Daredevil and I love coloring the little wooden holiday masks. 

Yay for spring holidays. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

I love getting photos of my family. No, we aren't glamorous, of course I wish I were thinner/tanner/more stylish, but we are who we are and I like to document that occasionally. 

Here's our latest attempt. 

T made Daredevil's shirts, I made his bow tie. Mr Tech Guy and Daredevil (and Twin, for that matter) need a haircut. But this is who we are!

Meg's Little Man

It was -30 windchill this morning, in addition to Daredevil's ear infection, he now has croup. We decided that once we ventured out to get Phin's stitches removed we would be in for the day. Since today involved lots of puzzles, coloring and iPad, I figured I may as well post on my blog! 

Here's Daredevil showing off his puzzle skills. 

And here are some pictures from the little man sprinkle I hosted this weekend. 

We demolished this cake. It disappeared. 

Favors were the bow ties I made. 

Game time-- name that stache and what's in your purse. 

I hope Meg knows just how excited we are for her and little August. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Bowties

I love putting bow ties on my little guy but I hate to pay the high prices listed on Etsy. You know what that means. I was forced to learn how to make them myself. A "little man" shower for a friend was the perfect reason to put my skills to the test.

Things you need:
Hot glue gun
Fastner (safety pin, barrette)

What to do:

1. Cut fabric pieces. For each bow, you need a 11x6 piece and a 4x2 piece.

2. Sew your 11x6 piece into a tube by folding it lengthwise inside out and sewing up the long side and one short end. Flip it rightside out and tuck the un-sewn ends inside the tube and sew up the end.

3. Fold the ends into the middle of the bow and glue them down. Make sure the folded piece isn't wider than the other side, if it is, scrunch it down. Let glue dry.

4. Dab a bit of hot glue in the center of the bow and pinch it together from behind. Let the glue dry.

5. Use your little piece for pull it all together. I slightly folded back all the ends of the little piece and then wrapped it around the middle of the bow. Pull it tight so hold your bow in place. Hot glue it in the back and let it dry.

6. Sew or hot glue the clip you chose on the back. I hot glued the clip (like a hair barrette) on the backside. This way a girl could wear it in her hair or a guy on their shirt/onesie.

7. Package them up however you like!

BOOM! Done. I did several in about two hours start to finish.