Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Crafty Mommas

This month, we made infinity scarves for our crafty mommas night. It was a really relaxed and chill evening. Some nights its bustling, loud and busy but last night it was very calm. It was definitely a change and while I love the loud, the calm was a nice change. 6 of us made scarves, someone made a Valentine's Day banner and someone added to a quilt she's knitting. It was nice. Really nice.

Daredevil was miserable and kept crashing our party. At least everyone thought he was cute. It just demonstrated how icky he felt. He normally keeps with daddy during the nights when we're here. Praying he feels better today. He has to miss his Valentine's Day Party at school. :(

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Gwyn Brown said...

Can't wait to have craft time in Sterling