Saturday, January 18, 2014

Group Texts

For you iPhone users, do you love or hate group texts? I use them ALL the time! I love when convos get going and everyone is adding in their two cents. Mr Tech Guy; however, does not enjoy them.  He will ask to unsubscribe. 

I saw a photo on FB yesterday and it really made me think of some of those group texts, you know, without the animal humor. 

Our convos go every which way with people chiming in and back and forth and round and round. 

And for the record, my mom is totally the giraffe. Just reads, rarely adds anything, until the very end of the convo. 

One time, last summer, my sister, my mom and I were on a group text in the middle of the night. My sister and I texted back constantly for nearly an hour - never hearing a peep from my mom. Finally as my sister and I said our goodbyes did my mom add, ok goodnight love you. We were both like, what?? Come again??? You were awake this whole time? We asked why she never said anything. She said we had it all covered so she didn't have anything else to add or other questions. Plus, we typed much faster than her. Haha! She's that giraffe alright. Especially when we get going in the morning, which is like the middle of the night for her. 

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