Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Haircuts

My three stooges got holiday haircuts. They look so nice and trim. I can't lie, I prefer them a bit shaggy, but they were looking quite a bit shaggy. 

It was quite the experience getting them in and out of the groomers'. I was all twisted up in their leashes because of Oliver and when some old lady tried to help, Ollie plopped down and started screaming. I think she got her feelings hurt because she said, "Well, I was only trying to help." Which left me with no help and no clue how to get to the car. Somehow I got it but I really wish someone would've gotten it recorded. We were quite the sight, I'm sure. 

They look great. Don't you agree? 

They looked so good with their haircuts that Daredevil and I decided to visit Amanda and get our holiday haircuts, too. It was only Daredevil's 2nd haircut and he did ok. He wasn't as good as before. I made the appointment during naptime. :/ But all in all, we managed. Both of us got cuts. 

My shorter, layered hair. 

Daredevil's boy cut. Ugh, the curls, the blonde. He is the cutest. 

Have a happy day!

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