Thursday, December 4, 2008

What should the title be???

Well, I am pleased to announce that we had 4 faces toward the camera when we attempted photos but we decided that it was good enough -- darn Benton! They're still cute, even with Benton looking over his shoulder and Phin's eyes glowing! :) If you get one, you'll see - trust me. I picked the cards up yesterday and I'm hoping for them to be mailed by Monday at the latest. Normally I'm the first out of the gate, but not this year, I've already started receiving cards!!! I need to get in gear! :)

Tomorrow is another long drive to Indiana.... yippee!! Which also means that it will be a long night tonight getting everything all set and ready to go. I've done my best with packing early and getting all the gifts ready but sometimes you just can't do it all ahead. You know how it goes. Plus, I got two shots on Tuesday and I have been so sore and so tired ever since so it's really been a challenge to get going.

Ah, well... you'll have that! So that's what I'll be doing tonight and then tomorrow after work is the drive to Indiana. Get in REALLY late EST, up early for Nick's basketball game Saturday, followed by his birthday party then its the Brown Family Gathering until late in the evening. Sunday means church at our old church (if we can get up that early because of the rowdiness of the night before) and then an "early" birthday party for my sister and my dad!

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