Monday, December 1, 2008

The Lion King, Thanksgiving and the drive home!

What a super-packed weekend involving 4 families, 3 states, 4 dogs, 2 turtles, 1 airport and 5 days!

Here's the run-down...
Tuesday - I drove to Indiana, unloaded and went to sleep
Wednesday - I lunched with Beth, picked up the parents at the airport, Jared drove to Indiana, picked-up Courtney's present and ate dinner with my dad
Thursday - Had Thanksgiving Dinner with Jared's family in Marshall, IL and shared some family bonding over Christmas decorations
Friday - Black Friday shopping started at 4 a.m., The Lion King musical at 2 p.m., then we ate dinner in Broad Ripple (cheese sticks from Marco's and frittes from Brugge)
Saturday - Thanksgiving Dinner and Party with my family in Kokomo, IN, time-out to see my aunt from my dad's side of the family and then we decided to drive back to WI late on Saturday instead of waiting until Sunday

It was a great weekend, long, but good. My parents had a great flight in and the airport is now nice and clean. I still have chills from the Lion King. And, coming home late Saturday gave me Sunday to put my house back together, get groceries, take a long nap and to go see Four Christmases. Sunday was a nice, lazy day!

Too bad we have another trip to Indiana this weekend! On this weekend's agenda we have Nicholas's basketball game and birthday party, the Brown Family Christmas Gathering and an "early" birthday party for my dad and sister since they'll both be in Arizona over their birthdays.

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