Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sparkling Icing!

We had our first snow accumulation over the weekend and it was beautiful. It was like we woke up to a winter wonderland. All of the trees looked like they had been dipped in icing! They were just beautiful!!! The boys couldn't wait to get outside to eat the snow... Ollie never even got off the porch!!! They crack me up. Anyway, the house looked gorgeous with the snow and our Christmas lights underneath... just gorgeous. Jared and I worked really hard this weekend...raking up all the leftover leaves, cleaning up the backyard (making it free of dog doo and the random toys they sneak outside) and putting up all of our lights and it has paid off. Our curb appeal is a lot higher now and we just love what the Christmas lights add to our home! We also spent some time getting the last bit of Christmas shopping done so now I'm done with the exception of one gift that I need to purchase in Indianapolis -- go figure!

Here comes the fun part -- loading our car for the Thanksgiving weekend. I'm leaving this afternoon with a car load of dogs, presents, supplies, clothes...etc. Jared is leaving with his brother, Josh, on Wednesday afternoon with an additional dog, the turtle, other gifts and supplies that wouldn't fit in my car. Luckily, since we're taking two cars this time we're bringing all that we can -- Christmas presents that need to end up in Indiana, dog items that we can leave until after Christmas, stuff for the Brown Family Gathering next weekend ...etc -- and I am loading each car to the brim! I've basically taken over the guest bedroom and filled with all of the things we need to bring. Last night, we packed up our clothes and I got all of the random items put into bags so I would know what would go to what event or outing. My car is going to be so weighed down today!!!

Anyway, I'm leaving work at lunchtime, driving home, doing the last minute loading, grabbing a quick bite of lunch and heading out! Right now its sunny and beautiful, I hope it stays that way for the drive. I want to be through Chicago before sunset... that's my goal. I've driven in Chicago lots of times... but with my pups in the back, a carload and traffic, I'd rather get through before the sun goes down. I'll be one happy camper if I'm in Crown Point, Indiana, when the sun sets. Jared's hoping to make similar time tomorrow on his way.

Hope everything has a blessed Thanksgiving full of all the things you're thankful for! I'll try to post some funny Thanksgiving stories and Black Friday mobbings. I'm starting at 4:00 a.m. on Friday -- and I don't even have anything left to buy!!! :)

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Christina Isgan said...

"Last night, we packed up our clothes and I got all of the random items put into bags so I would know what would go to what event or outing.".... You are so gosh-darned organized, it makes me SICK! :o) I love you anyway, though! :o)