Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Benton's Boo-boo!

My middle baby boy, Benton, got a boo-boo this morning. I let them out while I finished getting ready this morning fpr about 10-15 minutes and when Benton came in he had a little gash out above his eye. I put them in their beds so the others wouldn't lick it, but I was still worried so I called Jared to come home from work to help me put ointment on it because I couldn't alone. Anyway, we've deduced that it had to have been some sort incident outside... it doesn't look like anything one of the other boys could have done because of its shape and location, but I also didn't play or see them being rough outside either (I peek at them from my screened in porch off of my bedroom). Anyway, Jared thinks he got stuck by a sticker bush or caught on something when he was climbing around. Either way, I've just been a little worried about my boy. We gave him medicine and Jared's going to give him more at lunch. I just hope it heals up soon and it doesn't give him too much pain.

On another note, the three of us in attendance loved our election results party. We spent a lot of time in front of CNN with our pizza, popcorn and sodas. We had fun...even if no one else wanted to come! Also, I think it is quite amusing that I leave Indiana and it turns blue...when did that happen? Anyway, here's to hope.

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