Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ba-Rockin' the Vote!

Well, I voted today! I was fully expecting a few hours of waiting this morning because not only did I have to vote, I also had to register (In WI you can register to vote at the polls). However, when I walked in I sat right down with someone who registered me to vote and then I went straight over to get my voter ticket and ballot. It took me 16 minutes from the time I left my driveway to the time I turned out of the polling place. I thought it was extremely fast! The funny thing is that across the street was another polling place and they were lined up three deep outside and wrapped half-way around the church. It looked like a madhouse with people assisting with parking and photographers taking pictures. I was very grateful to be voting at my polling place! Whew!

Anyway, hold onto your hats. Tonight should be an exciting night. We're having an election reults party starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. with pizza, snacks, sodas and candy! I have these super cute decorations, blank maps of the US that we can color in when states are called for a candidate, and each TV will have a different station on it... CNN, ABC, CBS...etc. I'm excited for CNN, popcorn and soda tonight. I hope our party is fun...I hope people come!

Oh, another fun fact. On the night of the last election ('04) I was slated to be the next Panhel President. I just can't believe it was FOUR years ago. It feels like yesterday...

I voted, did you?

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