Friday, December 5, 2008

Hi, hello and how do you do?

Hey ya'll!

Guess what I did last night as I cleaned my house? I watched the Britney: For the Record MTV special 3 X's!!! The first time through I didn't get too much done, go figure! Jared kept coming in and laughing at me for being so entranced in the show. What can I say? I just love her and I hope she's taking care of herself. And a personal peeve... I wish she'd spit out that gum!!!

Anyway, my fish and turtle tanks have all been cleaned, the house is all cleaned and we're all packed up. We just have to load up the car and wear out the boys before we head out. I'm hoping to finish our Christmas cards on the way.... I think I'm down to the final 10 though, so I'm almost done.

Oh... by the way.... yesterday I had a total When Harry Met Sally moment. When the door to the elevator was closing I saw this poster on the bulletin board for a speaker/author that I've read. I got so excited. Anyway, after work I trampled through the snow over to the Box Office and got tickets to see him next Monday, 12/8/08! I can't wait. Jared's going with me. This guy authored, A long way gone, memoirs of a child soldier and it should be incredible to see him in person.


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Jared said...

I'm so excited to go :) Have a great day. -Me