Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yard Art Tutorial

I can't claim that this is my tutorial. My MIL showed me how to put these together and I think a friend of hers showed her. G: If you know who should get credit, let me know. 

While Auntie M was visiting, I showed her how to make a yard art flower for her yard. By showing her, I documented steps to show you.

First I dragged her to some thrift stores to find the perfect color pieces for her yard. She picked various shades of blue and green for her flower. Here is Skeptical Sally.

Then we gathered all our supplies. Plates, silicone glue, hockey puck...

Once you have your hockey puck, drill it with a drill bit to fit the size of your cut off shepard hook. You want it to fit snuggly.

I always stick a straw into the hole in the puck so that we know how to position to plates.

Then you start glueing... bottom up.

Once it is all glued, let the glue set overnight to get a proper seal.

Once it's dry, stick in the shepard hook and display in your yard. Enjoy!

And some cute shots of our supervisors...

Now, go and make your own! You know you want to.

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