Friday, May 10, 2013

The One That Almost Got Away...

My dear, sweet. lovable, loud, bossy, stubborn, strong-willed, energetic Benton. My sweet guy that almost got away because he refused to get along with Daredevil. I am so glad he changed his ways and adapted. We sure love our boys.

I seriously can't tell you how neat it has been to watch Benton's transformation. Look what I found this morning while we had our morning Mickey. (Yes, my kid gets a Mickey in the morning, typically one in the afternoon/after nap, and one before bed. Judge me all you want. When I had to pump it was the only thing that kept his attention while he played or jumped so now he likes it a few times a day. It works for us, Mickey is charming and educational, and Daredevil LOVES Pluto.) 

They are most definitely hugging each other. Truly hugging each other. Awesome mom-moment just in time for Mother's Day. Ben is not the dog he's usually snuggled up to.

Here's a funny video of Benton. It should make you laugh. I love sneaking in these little brain teasers for him.

My sweet guy. I am so blessed to have four awesome boys in my life.

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