Thursday, May 9, 2013


Still attempting to run... still can't run past 3 minutes at a time.... slow going but at least I'm going. My asthma flared up so I had to scale back for a bit. Phin got to go with me a few times this week, too. He did great... I'm still surprised!

When does running get easier??

We fit in some play time at the park last weekend, too.

Where's Uncle N?


I've been working on getting my yard in order now that it's dry outside (except today... rain, again!). Flower boxes done, lillies planted, hostas planted, ferns up, stars back up, flag up, chairs out, etc. Next up is mulching and chopping down dead trees, bushes, shrubs (I already dug out two). Weed Man will be here next week.

Still reading... currently reading four books... Looking for Alaska, Interrupted, Between the Lines and Bossypants. I never do this but somehow now I have. I need to knock them out. I have a list stack a mile long of books to be read. That is NOT INCLUDING my book club books.

Our garden opens May 22nd... can't come soon enough. My tomato starts have been ordered and everything else is just waiting... and waiting and waiting... I can't wait!

I've grabbed some awesome yard sale/thrift finds lately. I found a Learning Tower for Daredevil. I don't know what we did without it. He loves it and I love that he can really help me clean veggies, stir water, make dinner, etc. I also found a kangaroo climber that I attempted to spray paint. I picked a light color to paint it. Not my smartest moment. I've spent more on paint than the climber but I'm about to call it good. Daredevil isn't going to care. I also found a wagon that we can use in the back yard to play in and then pick up our outdoor toys. Good thrifting lately.



Daredevil does not enjoy learning rules and boundaries. Like holding hands with an adult while walking. It's an uphill and constant battle. His new trick is trying to bite my hand off when I'm holding his hand.

Lots of bruises, bumps and scuffed knees right now. I never want to forget his first scraped knee. Gosh, I love these chunky legs.

Hipster. 'Nuff said.

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