Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't Forget

Here are the things that I don't ever want to forget about my Daredevil at this age. This post is more for me, but moms out there, you may relate to some of these!

That whenever you can't find me, the first place you go and look is in the bathroom. I must spend too much time in there.

That whenever you eat an Oreo, you have to pull it apart and eat the icing. You throw the other half.

The way you fit perfectly into my arms with your head under my chin when we spoon cuddle.

That you smile, giggle and sign "yay" whenever I come home from being gone.

The way you innocently smile and say "I did it" whenever you do something naughty! It is so cute, it's hard to keep a straight face.

That you love playing with your fur-brother's paws. You constantly try to stick your fingers in between the pads on their feet.

The way you try to sneak off to your Gammy or Nene when I make you mad or tell you no. Once when trying to get you down for a nap, you snuck off the bed and started saying "Nane Nane Nane" as you ran out to find your Nene in the living room.

When you bring me your shoes or my shoes to indicate that you're ready to go outside.

When you bang on the garage door when you're ready to go somewhere. You get stir crazy just like your mom and dad.

Daddy loves bathtime and how you always hug him after he washes your hair!

Daddy loves when you stand in the bay window at laugh and wave when he comes home from work at lunch and after work.

The way you are so independent but whenever you get scared, you still instantly want me.

That you scream and cry and throw a full on tantrum when we have to come inside from playing outside.

That you yank your hand away or bite my hand off when I make you hold my hand to do important things... like cross the street.

That you still snuggle with me.

That when I push you around in your trike or car, you just cruise around in it like you own the block.

When you play fetch with Benton and you crack up whenever he chases after the ball you've thrown.

I'm sure there are a billion more, but that's my list for tonight. 15 months is so fun. He has started saying so many new words in the past few weeks, he's so expressive and he really shows you what he wants.

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Elaine said...

I LOVE This list! Thank you so much for sharing. :) I witnessed him do a couple of these while we were there for J&J's party and thought that these moments are so sweet. I took a video of him at the park when he was running between us in the grass giggling. I just couldn't help it - his laugh is so infectious and I love hearing it! Hint hint - a voicemail of just him cracking up would make my week!