Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family Visits!

On our first weekend away with Owen, we got to show him off to a lot of family members in Indiana and Illinois.

In Plymouth, he got to meet Angela and Terri for the first time!

He also got to spend more time with Nicholas and Aunt Steph. They were nice enough to stay awake with me for the first nighttime feeding.

Aubrey loves him already! She liked holding him until he got her "sweaty."

In La Porte, he got to meet Uncle Mike, Aunt Candy, Andy, Kristen and their kiddos. It was a great visit!! We enjoyed catching up and seeing their new home.

 Finally, we stopped at N&C's in Chicago to celebrate Nate's birthday!

Owen also had his first shopping experience at Ikea, Richard's and Bailey's...although he definitely slept through most of it.

We had a great weekend! I miss everyone already!

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