Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Starting Over -- Our 7 Month Reboot

Wow -- 7 months. A 7 month hiatus. I am so sorry about my sporadic posting. There have been a few times where I thought I'd start back up only to post a couple of times and slip back into my old forgetful ways.

I have SO much to catch you up on. I'm going to start back at the beginning, 7 months ago. I'll give you a brief overview of our labor and delivery. Then, I'll give you a monthly update on Owen which I will continue to do in real time.

Once you're caught up on Owen, I'll begin posting regularly like I was pre-Owen. I'll be blogging about some awesome new recipes, some new crafts and DIY ideas, some family updates and baby fun.

I've missed blogging and I've missed you! Before I get you some L&D specifics, you might like to hop over to Ashley Ann's page. They got their Little One today in China! Have some Kleenex handy, the post made me cry -- twice!

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