Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camp Create

Holy potatoes... I got a spot at Camp Create. It's a spiritual and crafty weeklong camp for moms. Come again?!?! How perfect does that sound?

I am giddy. Feeling a little selfish, too. Nonetheless, I'm going and I'm excited. My flight is already booked. I'm finally visiting Kansas.

I just have to share some pictures of the Craft House that I'll be staying in. All photos can be found here.

Swoon! Is it September yet??? Eeek!


Courtney Brown said...

So excited for you!

justem said...

Hi Danielle! This is Emily from Book Club! I followed your blog link from your Pinterest site. SO awesome that you get to go to this! I've really wanted to go to one of Meg's Craft Weekends!! So fun!!!!