Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We all know that Daredevil loves giraffes and elephants. Only problem is our zoo doesn't have elephants. I searched hi and low to find the closest elephants to Madison. Circus World in Baraboo! Who knew? I thought it was just a museum. It's not. It's a full fledged circus and all sorts of fun. They do have museum exhibits and whatnot, but Daredevil preferred all the other stuff.

Big Top Circus has dogs, ponies, horses, elephants, clowns, jugglers and more. So much fun!!

Feeding and petting zoo!

Pictures and rides with elephants!

Old wagon exhibit!

Random fun!

Ferris Wheel

AND, we found the elephants resting back in their enclosure. We watched them there for probably a half hour. Daredevil kept pointing and making elephant sounds. He loved it. Plus, we were the only ones there with the elephants. It was better than a zoo. It was just awesome.

Awesome day in the Dells!

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