Monday, February 13, 2012

Whoa, Nesting!

This is the post I had nearly ready for Wednesday, January 25th. Little did I know I'd be in the hospital having a baby instead!

Remember the downstairs office area?

I finally got around to labeling all of the boxes, baskets and bins. Now there is no excuse for someone not to know where something is!

Lovely, yes? I think so.

Here's our loaded up cradle at the ready for baby.

Here is what the bathroom shelf ended up looking like.. who knows how long it'll stay that way.

And the bathroom sink...

Here's our new bedspread, too. We love it.

And our bag and boppy at the ready!

As you can see, I was way into nesting right before I got induced! Who knew this post would sit for 2 weeks but nonetheless here it is!

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