Thursday, May 22, 2014


Daredevil got tubes the tail end of March. He's had one infection, but otherwise so far, so good. 

He had his follow-up yesterday with his ENT surgeon and a hearing test with an audiologist. 

Daredevil isn't so fond of the hearing test (dark room, small room, double doors, no way out, scary lady, weird sounds and lights, etc) because of his sensory issues, but the results were basically the same pre-tubes: hearing at the lowest range of normal. Lucky for us, we get to retest in 6 months. 

As for his ears, they look great. His cute little blue plastic tubes are in place and open. In November, we will return to make sure everything is still in place. 

While waiting, Daredevil colored some beautiful pictures for us. 

And just for some laughs, I asked Daredevil if I looked ok this morning. He gave me a once over, cocked his head and said, "no." Hah. Children and their unbridled honesty. 

This was me this morning. I was in my gym gear but I didn't think I looked too bad... Oy. 

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