Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dude is Funny

Daredevil's language keeps having these mini-explosions, if you will. We are amazed at his progress in just a few months.

He is combining two or three word phrases all the time now! Tickle neck, stop singing, open gate, hi kelly, bye bye danny, i love you gammy, move please, didaddy drink, big blocks, gray castle, red dump, yellow bus, yellow digger, more french fries, read more, blue thomas, go up, come down, white ice cream, inside store, and on and on and on! Literally everything is 2 words or more. I love hearing him talk and sing all the time... and the words are understandable (at least to me)! It is unbelievable!

We're working on his articulation and strengthening some of his mouth muscles. We're also working on his eating habits and we're about to start potty training! He is a busy boy, but I just would never have imagined how far he'd come in a few months!

I know it's hard to believe, but I think yesterday is the first day in the history of Daredevil's life that I haven't taken a picture of him.... I know Gammy and Aunt Stephie will be upset... sorry! He was super cute! He stayed in his pajama shirt all day... he refused to let me change his shirt until bath time. :)

Another reason dude is funny. I found some material similar to his Aden and Anais blankies that he always has with him, so I decided to get a yard and attempt to make one for him on the cheap. Hah. As if I could pull one over on him. Every time I hand it to him, he hands it back and goes to his closet to get a "real" one. I've attempted this on several occasions since getting it finished. I guess he just isn't having the fake kind.

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