Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Minute Apron -- DIY Idea

We draw names with J's extended family. I drew Angela and she asked for some baking goodies. I found a beautiful cookbook called Modern Baker but I also wanted something to go with it. I found some unique and bright recipe cards but it still lacked something. So I decided to whip up a quick apron to go with her baking goodies.

You'll need one dishtowel and a coordinating roll of ribbon. Add in a sewing machine and you're in business.

Here we go...

Sew the ribbon on towards the bottom as decoration.

Use the remaining ribbon to sew the top and tie for the apron.

Affix a cute "Made by" label on the back and viola!

I like using dishtowels because they already have the finished seam and they are super absorbent for drying hands and spills.

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