Friday, January 21, 2011

Hutch Updates

I am perpetually changing my decor. I'll be posting new pictures of the guest bedrooms and my new office chair soon. I'm so excited for these small changes. I already freshened up our bathroom and I'm in progress of making the guest bedrooms fresh and updated for the new year. I love freshening up using items from around the house. Do you have any good ideas or new uses for things?

My MIL and FIL got us a new globe for our 4th wedding anniversary and I adjusted our globes on the hutch to fit the new additions.

What do you think?

This, however, is my new dining table centerpiece.

It would be fine except B now thinks it is perfectly acceptable to climb on the table to fetch an item of his choosing. NOT OK! They will be moving in the near future... to where, I haven't a clue!

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