Thursday, January 20, 2011


For MLK day, I had the day off. We also happened to get 5 inches of snow so I stayed in all day and crafted to my heart's content! The dogs loved having me home with nothing pressing to do. It was a glorious, relaxing, productive day.

Anyway, I can't quite show you all my crafting goodies, so I'll plan on showing you those next week or so. For now, take a look at my Snowbabies from Monday. We had such a good time!

Here is my whole lot of Snowbabies....

And here is my frozen Snowbaby that never wants to come in.

Phin was so snow-covered, it looked like a white blanket.

And my Ollie, soaking wet, but still looking like a perfect little angel.

We had such a fun day on our snow day...enjoy your winter snow days!

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