Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Update!

I love gardening. I can't explain it. I just love it.

When my parents visited a few weeks ago, I made sure to take my dad to see our garden (my mom had seen it awhile ago).  The garden was in FULL bloom. We harvested quite a bit.

And my favorite guys hard at work!

This past weekend, we discovered that my spinach had bolted. I guess I didn't eat it fast enough. I'm learning from my mistakes. Spinach likes cold weather so I should remember to eat it early and eat it fast. Anyway, while we were there the other day we pulled up the spinach and kale, harvested the rest of the chard and most of the romaine. I also harvested a TON of peas and about a pound of beans as well as about 10 shallots.

What a bountiful harvest!?!

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