Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time flies

Where has the time gone? Is it really almost August? Really?

This summer has FLOWN by in our household and I can hardly believe that my baby turns 4 next week! Where has the time gone?

Sorry for my lack of posting, time just got away from me. A LOT is going on right now. A LOT! I've been very overwhelmed. The certification course I'm taking has been a LOT more work than I expected, our household project list just seems to keep growing and growing and growing, and I can't seem to get a handle on my ever-growing to do list... at the same token, the only things I could "give up" right now are the things I want to do... girl nights, visitors, etc.

I'm off of my soap box and I'm ready to show you our appliances. I'll do an official reveal in a few days, but for now you'll just get bits and pieces.

So when they delivered the fridge, it was determined that the fridge wouldn't fit where the old fridge used to be... so out came the cabinet. It was the first thing J did when he got home for lunch. I am sad to say that it still has the unpainted, unfinished look about it. I'm hoping for progress next week.

Here's the stove and dishwasher. The microwave is also a new match to the others, but I forgot to snap a picture of it. C'est la vie!

I just keep trying to remind myself that it'll get worse before it gets better... the mess, the dust, etc! Maybe by fall our house will be more at peace!

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