Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well, hello there. Do you remember me?

Sorry for my lack of blogging, our life has been SUPER hectic since mid-June. I thought I was going to be picking blogging back up a few weeks ago and I just happened to fall short once again. I'll try again... starting... umm... next week? Yes, let's aim for next week. Oh dear!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little about how hectic my life is and why I haven't been blogging... so... here we go!

Two weeks ago we got new appliances, laminate floors and had 5 house-guests.

Then, to top it off B ripped off an entire toe-nail so emergency surgery was needed or the toe would never heal. Fast forward a week and it still required daily maintenance and care... INCLUDING being saran wrapped each time he went outside to potty/play/etc. This meant mommy had to miss an out-of-town family wedding to take care of him.

Last week was birthday week with me and Phin celebrating birthdays one day apart! This was also face to face sessions for my class, but that isn't near as fun to mention.

I love getting birthday mail! This stack was waiting when I arrived home on Wednesday!
The cake with mint ice cream that J picked out for me!
Phin out on his birthday car ride!

Phin is 4!

The nearly-weds came up this weekend for shopping and crafting for their upcoming wedding.


No sooner did they head home before my MIL arrived to help us prepare for the carpet install. We are currently in the midst of getting new carpet. Look at how much stuff we have stored in my living room! Seriously, how do we have this much stuff?!?!?

My dining table is hiding in here!

 As I write, the downstairs is finished, the two guest bedrooms upstairs are done and they are starting on the master bedroom. Tomorrow they'll finish the hallway, stairs and hall closets. My MIL is going to stay until Thursday morning to help us get the house back in order as much as possible. She has been such a blessing!

I am crafting up a storm when I get a free minute, but I haven't had a spare moment to take pictures or write up anything. I hope to get back to that in the coming weeks. Oh, and my garden is producing tomatoes like crazy! Delicious ones at that! My peppers are finally starting to turn red, my chard has all grown back again, we harvested my first broccoli and my brussel sprouts are growing like crazy.

I am going to do my best to get into a new routine of posting..starting next week! Wait for it... wait for it!

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