Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I can't think of a title, so this is what you're getting!

I know I've been promising reveals.. and the sad part is I've taken the pictures... they're just sitting on my DSLR waiting to be imported and edited. Soon. Very soon. Maybe tonight?!!?

In the meantime, I found these oldies on J's phone Saturday night. Enjoy!

This is from after B had his surgery last month on his foot. Poor guy!! Yes, that is the cone he had to wear and yes, he chewed it off completely by the end of Day 2.

And this is from when Heather and kiddos visited! I just can't get enough of this girl. I guess the other day she was planning her very first party and was thinking really hard about who to invite and the decorations she would use and the food she would make. Heather called me right away and said she should've been mine.


Gosh, I really love this girl!

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Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

AWW SO CUTE! Stop by my blog please! I am doing a huge giveaway, I think you’ll like it :)