Thursday, July 14, 2011


My dear husband has wanted a king-sized bed ever since we brought home Oliver, our first furbaby, in the summer of '07. In our old house it was an obvious no because it wouldn't have fit in our space. In the new house, a king bed would fit, but I really didn't see why we needed it. So I kept saying no, and no, and no some more. Well, after a few years, he wore me down and I finally said ok.

Well, when I said OK, he took it to mean that he needed to get it as soon as possible so that I wouldn't change my mind. He literally picked it up the next day. I just want to show you what kind of crazy my husband is...and the fact that he got his father to go along with it!!

This is how they cruised home from the store!

Are you kidding me??? And, J, so excited because everyone knows how absurd he is!

The view from the side/back... because it may be more impressive than the front view. That car was loaded down.

I will say that we really did appreciate the help. We were able to move around the beds because of my FIL and BIL's help, my MIL cleaned and vacuumed under the beds for us and I was in charge of laundering and changing all of the bedding.

J loves the new king-sized bed, all 3 of the dogs now sleep with us again, and I am still getting used to it. I miss my old bed... oh well, c'est la vie! I'll grow to love it.. right??

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