Monday, September 10, 2012

Must Haves -- Month 2

As you enter month 2, there's a whole new group of must haves!

Bumbo -- yes, they are recalled so use the strap that they have now but use common sense, too. Don't leave your baby unattended with it but Owen loves it! He loves the independence.

Jerry the Giraffe or something similar. Lamaze has some fun ones, too, but Owen just fell in love with Jerry... which means we bought a secret Jerry #2 in case something happens to Jerry #1.

Tag Blankie -- we have homemade ones but you could buy one from Taggies. They sell them at Target.

Paci Clip

Wubbanub -- he loved holding onto the soft toy and having it close.

Rattles -- Owen has a small soft one that looks like a giraffe. He wears it like a bracelet.

Cloth Books

Carter Onesies -- not Gerber. Trust me. Somedays it's all he wears.

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