Friday, September 7, 2012

Owen -- Month 2

Owen, Owen, Owen.. you are awesome. Your eyes are still blue, you're growing like a little weed. It's crazy!

You have now been all over the midwest! We've taken you to Knox, Plymouth, La Porte, Chicago, Sterling, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Marshall, etc. The trip from Indianapolis to Terre Haute took FOREVER because we had to stop and feed you along the way, then change you (which was a blow-out), etc.... Daddy thought we'd never arrive. You got to meet a lot of family members and you got a lot of snuggles.

You sleep a lot now... from 9pm-7am with two overnight feedings at 12-1ish and 4-5ish. Woohoo! However, you do fight sleep like its your job.

You prefer to eat out of a bottle so I struggle to balance nursing with pumping, but as long as your eating mama's milk, I can't complain.

We've mastered the art of Facetiming your Gammy and Grandpa in Arizona. They miss you like crazy!!

During this month your cradle cap has come and gone (but not until you passed your thrush to me, which was REALLY not fun).

Papa (your great-grandpa) loves to call you Punkie. I love his little nickname for you (but I hope you don't grow up to be a Punk).

You smile for real now... at me! I love it!!!

You love being outside. It's been in the 70's in March so we've been taking advantage! Long walks to just rocking on the front porch! You love it all.

You're starting to like tummy time a little more as well as time on your mat. You like to kick and grab at things now.

You and I are still trying to get in a good routine but I'm just taking your lead. The housework can wait, Daddy can bring home dinner, playing and cooing with you is the most important right now.

You are starting to like your swing and your bouncey chair now but only for a few minutes at a time and only if you can see a human within your line of vision. You will also sleep in your cradle pretty good but only if you're on your side or tummy (I know, I'm breaking all the rules, but it's only for napping).

Your dedication was this month! Lots of people came to see you get dedicated. The pastor prayed for you after we read you our blessing and then Nene prayed over you as we all laid our hands on you. This was such a special day for you and a memory that I will cherish. Seeing you so surrounded by God's love and your wonderful family who loves you so much. Uncle Josh is your God-father and Aunt Heather is your God-mother. They came on stage with us while you were presented. Daddy had to read the blessing because I kept crying (surprise, surprise). Mommy, Daddy, Nene, Grand-paw, Uncle Nick, Aunt Elaine, Uncle Josh. Aunt Steph, Nikus, Aunt Heather, Uncle Jason, Aubs, Aiden, Memaw Julie, Papaw Tony, Jill and Micah all came! Amanda Behnke (a friend of Mommy's) stopped by during the gathering afterward, too.

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