Friday, July 12, 2013

An Old Friend Meet & Eat

One of my first friends in Madison came back for a visit. We were able to get together with our kiddos for lunch at The Old Fashioned and playtime at the Madison Children's Museum. It was so much fun!

Her Amelia is just a little doll. She's 6 months old and the sweetest thing. She's so beautiful.

Lunch at The Old Fashioned was delicious and Daredevil had fresh fish sticks, fries, pickles and fruit (pineapple and blueberries). Both Amanda and I got cheese curds, because it's a rule that you have to. Daredevil sat nicely for, oh, maybe five minutes before going bonkers. We were in a booth so I thought I'd let him stand beside me (which he has done on other rare occasions). Can you guess? Bad idea. He was everywhere... pounding the mirrors, climbing over to the booth behind us, jumping on the booth seat, pulling off his sock and shoe (yes, only one), and screaming once he was done which was when he thought we should be done. Ahh, the daily joys. Luckily, I'm getting good at rolling with it and Amelia was laid-back so we could wrap up early and head to the museum.

I'm glad that Amanda and Amelia went with us to the museum because then they got to see how much fun he can be. They stuck around even after we had to head home to explore even more but Daredevil needed some forced downtime since he is Mr. No Nap-tastic! But the visit was so nice and so different. It's crazy to think that less than two years our reunions looked a whole lot different! I love having dear, old friends!

Normally Daredevil doesn't like the water room -- partly because it is usually JAM packed in there. But since there wasn't a big crowd today, he loved it. Loved it so much, he was drenched by the end. Thankfully momma had a change of clothes for him.

The museum has all these quotes on the walls and I always seem to find a new one I love everytime I go. I found this one today. So true.

Then for dinner we went to our neighborhood Meet & Eat. A bunch of food carts show up and we come to meet and eat. It's fabulous.

I almost always end up with an empanada. Today was no different. Veggie empanadas with rice and beans and plantains. Umm, YUM! I love me some South American/Venezuelan cuisine. It was awesomesauce in deep fried bread. My mouth is still watering, no joke.

I even ended up with a popsicle - Mango and Chili Pepper - for dessert. It was an interesting combination. I don't think I'd get it again. But I did love the packaging. I'd try another flavor for sure and they get points for the awesomely creative label. 

Twin and Daredevil had a good time being nosey checking out the sights. There were police dogs, police on horses, our Mayor and lots of kiddos that Daredevil found hilarious.

It has been a long, crazy busy week. I kind of just want to take a nap! What are your weekend plans?

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